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Services Offered

The comprehensive evaluations includes assessment of neurocognition (e.g., learning, memory, problem solving, executive functions), as well as academics and emotional/behavioral functioning. The goal is to identify a child’s strengths and vulnerabilities for diagnostic clarity and to guide academic and treatment planning. Assessments are individualized to a child's unique needs. Typical referrals include:

Autism Spectrum Disorders - ADHD - Emotional Problems - Social Difficulties - Language Delays

Learning Challenges - Reading Disorder/Dyslexia - Writing Disorder - Math Disorder - NVLD

Slow Processing - Memory Challenges

For children ages 2.5 - 4 to assist with an initial diagnosis. Appropriate for parents seeking an assessment of autism, developmental delay, or social/emotional difficulties of early childhood. 

Dr. O'Hara is trained in the ADOS-2 and offers assessment of autism spectrum disorders

from early childhood through adulthood. 

Dr. O’Hara draws upon her expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to provide treatment to children (5+ years old), teens, and young adults/college aged. Her treatment approach is results-oriented and individualized to each patient.


Anxiety - Depression - OCD - Social Challenges - School Difficulties

Adjustment to life stressors - Coping with chronic health conditions

Autism Spectrum Disorder - ADHD

SPACE Anxiety Treatment

Dr. O'Hara is specially trained in Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE).  SPACE is a parent-based treatment program for children and adolescents with anxiety, OCD, and related problems. SPACE treatment may be used separately or along with individual child treatment. This treatment can be particularly beneficial for children who are resistant to or have not found success in individual treatments.

Provide parents and educators the tools and guidance needed to address targeted concerns regarding their child's social, emotional, and educational development. Consultation is frequently sought out when parents are uncertain if they need a psychological evaluation and/or treatment for their child.

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